Field Report 3 of 12: Middle Eastern Fun

Posted: January 13, 2014 in Uncategorized

As with my last field report this relates to a girl I already met in a club and had been one one date with. The girl in question was of Iranian descent, but spent the majority of her life growing up in this country. She was very sexual. I’ve always wanted a Middle Eastern girl because of the looks, and this one was the same: long, dark semi curly hair, dark eyes, wide hips, small waist, big tits. When I first met her in the club I thought she was an 8. When she turned up to the first date and I was sober and she wasn’t tarted up as much, I’d say she was a 6.5.

The previous date had ended with me throwing her against the wall in a lift, grabbing her around the thighs and picking her up so her legs were around my waist whilst passionately kissing her. Despite this she wouldn’t go home with me, but I had high hopes for the second date.

I apologise in advance that readers won’t get much out of this in terms of analysing what made the seduction successful, as it was pretty much a lock by the time this date came around, and it’s the second date that this field report relates too.

I was between jobs so had a free week day, and she had a job interview near my flat. We met one tube stop from me and went to lunch. We chatted about career, family and food. No real game stuff except talking about my plans and ambitions for the future. Girls like a guy with plans and ambitions.

After lunch we walk back to the tube station. We stand talking outside for about 5 minutes. Since she’s showing no signs of leaving despite us just being stood outside of the station, it’s looking pretty obvious that she’ll come home with me. I ask if she wants to and she instantly accepts.

Once in my flat we go straight to it. There’s no LMR. I fuck her doggy after sucking on her large tits, and come a bit too early.

After sex we talk about how she’s a part of a all girl fetish / sex club that hold regular meetups and go to fetish events like Torture Garden together. She says they’re looking for men to go to sex parties with. She shows me pictures on her phone of other girls in the group, most of them naked. Nice.

As is often the case, you learn little from success and a lot from failure. As such, I didn’t really learn much from this, but it was an enjoyable lay all the same.

  1. Jim says:

    Good patience shown here.

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