My Goals for 2014

Posted: January 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

My goals for 2014 are similar to 2013. The mainly relate to pussy and money. They are as follows:

  1. Sleep with 20 new girls
  2. Get my first day game lay
  3. Fuck my first HB8+
  4. Save £2,500
  5. Visit Japan
  6. Get my front end development skills up to senior level

Last year I did say I was more concerned with quality than quantity. As my 20 notches goal shows, I’ve changed my mind on that slightly. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly is the player self image. More about this in an other post, as it’s an interesting topic all on it’s own. The crux of it is that if you bang a lot of girls you’ll view yourself as a player and therefore act like a player, without even thinking about it. This leads to more success. Secondly is that to some extent, quality is a product of quantity. I really believe that if I try hard to bang 20+ girls this year, I’ll actually have more of a chance of banging an HB8+ than if I try and “go for quality” and just focus on the hotter girls. It seems counter intuitive but I think it’s true. In the last year I slept with more HB7-7.5s than ever before, because I slept with more women. RooshV  very eloquently explains how this works. Simply adding points to my bell curve may well help get my highest quality lays up.

To some extent, quality is a product of quantity

I still really want to break day game. As I move into my mid thirties in the next few years, I’m forsee that I’ll want to transition away from the clubs to street game. AA is still holding me back here. I’ve also come to realise the fact that most of my sarging is done under the influence of alcohol but I’m sober in the street is part of the problem. As such I’m making sure 50% of all of my night game is done sober from now on, to help prepare me for success in the street.

The obscure sounding career goal is step one in my (as of now fairly vague) plan to gtfo of my day job. More on that another time.

I think the hardest will be getting the HB8+. I still view these girls in my mind as being too good for me, and as a consequence of this mostly don’t open them. I’m not good looking enough to get them on looks alone, so I’ll need a healthy does of solid game. So I need to work on both my inner and outer game to lay my first 8+, and when you consider that, in addition to that most HB8+s are in limited supply, you can see I have a challenge ahead.

The biggest thing I’m changing from previous years is how I’m going about setting goals. Firstly, I limited myself to half a dozen goals. Some were left off, but I’ve noticed that in previous years there were just too many. If you want to do achieve a tough goal you have to focus the majority of your effort on one goal at a time. With 6 goals for a year I just about have enough time and focus to give each of them the attention the need. I’ll see how it goes, but in future years I may even knock it down to 3. To be honest, even a single goal as big as getting a day game lay or banging an 8 would be worthy of devoting a whole year of effort to on their own.

Secondly, I’m setting a main focus goal every quarter. Each quarter of the year I’ll pick on of the goals and give that the majority of my focus. Yes, I do realise the year only has 4 quarters, not six. I think some of my goals will be achieved in the background, with very little active focus given to them.

In my next post I’ll talk about the first quarters goal.

  1. Mike G says:

    The RooshV post is completely on the money. From personal experience I have a friend who uses the “I have standards” line and does not get laid at all. I’ll contrast this with a friend of both of ours who has the most success with women historically(a natural). He would routinely SNL a 5 no problem but guess what, he also dated a legitimate HB9 before as well. There’s obviously a lot more to it than that but in general you need to keep an active sex life which means plenty of average girls.

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  4. Stealth says:

    What’s up. I like the way you structure your goals (Q1, Q2, etc) and the content – quite similar to mine. Looks like you want to visit Japan- I’m based here so will look forward to sarge with you if you’re ever down here 🙂

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