My Goal For 2014 Q1

Posted: January 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

In my post about my goals for 2014 I stated that I’d give my primary focus to one goal at a time, probably focusing on one per quarter. For the first quarter of 2014 I have decided to focus on my first goal, which is to fuck 20 new women this year.

Obviously I don’t intend to reach this goal over the course of 3 months (the first quarter of 2014). What I will do is focus on quantity. My goal for 2014 Q1 is to sleep with 7 new women. I think this is a good goal for the first part of the year for a number of reasons.

If I achieve it I will be ‘ahead’ of my goal to get 20 notches by the end of the year, meaning that my first goal of 2014 should then be fairly easy to achieve after that.

This time of the year isn’t the best for daygame because of the weather. I know I’ll use the weather as an easy excuse not to daygame, so I’m more likely to fail at my daygame goal (getting my first day game lay ever) if I go after that in the first quarter. In addition to this, my biggest sticking point with day game at the moment is AA. This is partly because it’s on the street and not in a club, and partly because I do day game sober. At the moment I am doing 1/2 of all sarges stone cold sober. I’m also doing some street approaches. Doing these things over the next 3 months will help to lessen AA for when I come onto my day game goal later in the year. If I attempted the day game goal in the first quarter, I think I’d fail due to AA.

Getting 7 lays in about 13 weeks will require lots of approaches. Lots of approaches mean lots of opportunities to fail and succeed, and analyse those failures and successes in order to improve. This will maximise my chances of achieving my goal of fucking an HB8+ this year. I think when I’m focusing on laying an HB8+ my success rate will drop because I’ll be approaching hot girls almost exclusively. It’ll be good to be doing this after I’ve already racked up high numbers so this doesn’t compromise my lay count goal.

Plan of Action

I think achieving things is on a basic level a 3 step process:

  1. Make a definite goal
  2. Plan how you intend to achieve that goal
  3. Take action

I’ve got point 1 covered, but if I never work out what I need to do week in week out over the next 12 weeks I will fail to achieve my goal. That would be like setting out on a journey to a distant destination without a map. If you don’t know how to get where you want to go, you’ll never make it there.

This lead me to a question. What will I have to do to sleep with 7 girls in 3 months? I decided, that although I could be better at game I have enough seduction skill to achieve this already. If I just open enough girls in 3 months I’ll fuck 7 of them.  This lead me to another question. How many girls do I need to open in order to have a very high probability of fucking 7 of them? My guess was 250. Sure I may get the lays with far fewer women opened, but I want to almost guarantee it. Trouble is, that’s 20 a week. Not impossible, but, very very high.To make things easier, I don’t see why around half my lays shouldn’t come from online dating, which when used on a mobile device would allow me to spend a greater amount of time per week contacting girls than if I just did cold approach. In the end I decided I’d need to do 12 cold approaches a week and contact 10 girls online.

I’ve already been putting this plan into effect. I keep track of my approaches with a counter app on my phone and I’m making sure I hit the dozen weekly. So far I’ve laid two new girls. A good start but I’ve got a feeling I’ll have to step the approaching up a notch next month in order to guarantee I hit my goal.

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