Ban The Internet For Massive Productivity Gains

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

There’s a lot I want to achieve this year. After holding down a full time job, hitting the gym 3 times a week, sarging and dating it didn’t look like I’d have time to do much else. Recently I’ve had some tasks that I just haven’t got started on for weeks, like giving my flat a deep clean and getting really good at JavaScript.

Despite being very busy, I thought I must surely be able to fit in a up to 5 hours a week to work on these things. So I sat down to work out how much free time I had in a week after work, cooking, shopping, sarging, dating and gyming. Sure enough there was plenty of free time remaining most weeks to get in at least 5 hours of productive work. That’s what the maths said, but in reality I never seemed to have free time. There were lost hours in my life, probably over a dozen per week.

It didn’t take me long to work out how these dozen lost hours were being spent.

Blogs. Twitter. Youtube videos. Porn. I was frittering away my precious time online. As a result, I decided to ban the Internet.

This is actually slightly more extreme than it sounds. I don’t want to completely cut out the Internet. It’s an amazing resource, that amongst other things had provided me with knowledge that gets me laid. The actual rules which I imposed on myself are as follows:

  • No internet on weekends
  • No internet for 1 weeknight a week that isn’t a gym night
  • Whatsapp is excluded from the ban (need to talk to girls)
  • Internet usage is excluded from the ban if it’s used to directly aid a productive pursuit (for example looking up information when working on a new programming project which will help my career, use of WordPress for blogging).
  • Internet usage is excluded from the ban if it’s used to aid me logistically (finding venues to take a girl that weekend, getting directions)

I’ve done this for about a week so far, and although I’ve strayed a little, I’ve already seen great gains in productivity. I just have huge chunks of time where I’m just sat there thinking, “What do I do now”? Since I don’t really watch TV the only answer to that question is to do productive work. So far I’ve tided part of my flat, bought a book on node.js, got a development environment set up, and started learning to code on this platform. A tidy flat is good for bringing girls back, and the technologies I’m learning could lead to contract work that pays $600 – $1000 per day. My time is now well spent, thanks to lack of Internet.

  1. kstarlin2013 says:

    this makes alot of sense. Im going to do it aswell

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