Why I want to become obsessed with daygame

Posted: May 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve written before how my aim in the second quarter of the year is to bang a girl from daygame. I still have around 5 weeks left, but given my progress so far it’s very unlikely I’m going to make it.

The main reason for this is I haven’t really thrown myself into it, heart and soul. I go out fairly regularly, but lack the drive to overcome my high levels of approach anxiety. Recently I read a post on Danger & Play about how you should become obsessed over your goal in order to achieve it. This resonated with me, as it brought back memories of every time I’ve achieved something meaningful that I wanted. Each and every time I would get obsessed by whatever it was I wanted until I had achieved my goal.

I wanted to regularly have sex with new girls so… Went out every weekend religiously for years. Wrote so many messages on online dating sites that I’m  a wordsmith when it comes to digital communications with girls. Read half a dozen game books. Improved my appearance and fashion. Read game blogs when I should have been working. Stopped being friends with people who weren’t red pill. Cracking the game was always at the front of my mind. Goal achieved.

I wanted to lose weight so… At 224lbs I was well over 20% body fat. Picked a fasting based diet. Fasted religiously, never eating even a second before the specified time. I eat no sugar (baring fruits) for months. I got used to feeling hungry some of the time and living with it. Got to the point where unhealthy food actually made me feel odd. Often did cardio in the mornings before work. Measured my bf every few days. Fat loss was always at the front of my mind. Lost about 55lbs in just under a year. Ended up at 12% body fat. Goal achieved.

I wanted a new job paying 20% more so… Did programming challenges every night. Studied up on my primary programming language to close down every gap in knowledge. Read practise interview scenarios while at work. Getting a new job was always at the forefront of my mind. Took two weeks of work. Did 7 interviews. Multiple offers. Goal achieved.

You can see the pattern, and then with day game…

I wanted to get my first day game lay… So I hired a coach and had sessions every few weeks. Went out a couple of times a week but did very few approaches. Often too tired from night game, or too busy with Tinder dates to go out. Want to read Krauser’s book and watch day game videos in my pare time, but end up focusing on learning a new work skill. Goal not achieved.

As you can see I’m no where near as obsessed as I need to be with day game. I realised earlier this month that I needed to turn day game from the vague want it is now into a need. I’ve started to put together a plan to help my brain lock onto and get obsessed with day game:

  • Quit all online dating
  • Rarely go out at night (twice a month to maintain friendships with night game wings)
  • Reduce frequency of masturbation to once a week
  • Spend a lot of time watching day game videos in my spare time
  • If there’s ever a conflict between the two, day game > gym

This will have the following consequences:

  1. Sexual release will be almost entirely dependant on day game success
  2. I won’t be too tired to do day game
  3. Day game will always be on my mind

I’m hoping that before the end of next month I’m completely obsessed.

  1. jim says:

    Why? If you’re already getting laid via other means, why worry about daygame?

    I think it might be a monkey on your back that you haven’t got laid via this approach yet, but then ‘bangs is bangs’. You could obsess that you haven’t been blatantly approached by a hot girl in a bar and got laid via that scenario, then go out and hang around bars loads hoping this will happen. The point is that at some point you’ve got to make a decision as to whether your time would be better spent elsewhere.

    Almost everyone I’ve known who got laid a lot considered daygame a waste of their time or more hassle…

    I think daygame and cold approaching in bars are massively overemphasized as they fit the bootcamp/book format. Teaching someone to improve their body/life is a harder sell (and is more ‘normal’ so everyone isn’t afraid to do it) but these may bring better results.

    • betatopua says:

      I don’t desire to get just a single lay from daygame, I want to get good at daygame. The lay is just a measurable result.

      The reasons I’ve decided to get good at day game are as follows:

      1. I don’t want to go to clubs as much as I get older. For various reasons.
      2. Out of all the PUAs I know of that actually have success (not just good marketing), the ones that seem to get the hottest women in comparison to their own looks are daygamers. I don’t think I’ll suddenly start scoring 10s from daygame, but I think the potential is there to get girls 0.5 – 1 point above what I’m getting in clubs & online. That would put the top of my range at an 8 – 8.5 which is acceptable to me.
      3. Despite being reasonably confident, and being able to approach OK in clubs I don’t think I’ll be the uber confident person I want without cracking being able to approach women during the day in any location without the cover of drink / loud music / a club environment. I really think daygame leads to massive social freedom like nothing else.
      4. I want to be able to approach women I like spontaneously in many situations. I think daygame will get me this.
      5. I’m really not interested in social circle / ecosystem type game. My personality is very poorly suited to being at the centre of a big social circle due to my extremely high level of introversion. I much prefer to be the lone wolf that walks into a girls life via cold approach.

      I’m always trying to improve my body and life. That should always be an addition to game, not instead of it.

      • jim says:

        Yeah I guess it is hard for me to understand you sometimes as I think I am the polar opposite personality wise. I love being around other people, it gives me more energy and hypes me up. The very best weeks of my life were when on the mid semester breaks at uni me and 25 or so friends would do a 3-4 day ski trip and live in a single house (loads of bunk beds).

        Although since getting sick I’ve found that when I am already tired being around other people is just more tiring.

  2. manaboutglobe says:

    Dude do you have a contact email?

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