Daygame Is The Only Pure Form Of Game

Posted: October 17, 2014 in Uncategorized

Daygame is the one pure form of game. It’s much like how veteran poker players consider no limit Texas Hold’em to be the only pure form of poker. Why do I think this? Let’s look at other types of game, and I’ll tell you why I don’t consider the to be as pure as daygame.

First there’s social circle game. I know many cold approach advocates consider this ‘cheating’, but getting laid is getting laid. If you have a social circle good enough to provide you with a regular stream of hot young girls, that’s great. Keep milking it. Personally I think it’s really unlikely to have a social circle that is so active that enough new girls enter it that you can reach a really good volume of new lays a year. Lets say you want to fuck 20 new women a year. Even if 1 in 5 hot women that you are introduced to socially end up fucking you, that would mean meeting 100 new hot women socially in a year. If as many as 1 in 3 of the new women you meet socially in a year are hot, that means you’d need to meet 300 women a year to get your bangs in. That might not seem like a lot. In cold approach terms it isn’t, but how many people have social circles that introduce them to 300+ women a year?

I actually think the idea of the social circle player is a bit of a myth. There’s this idea that’s quite common, of a guy who’s very social and bangs women from his social circle left right and center. Although men like this exist to some extent, bare in mind that most people consider these guys players because they’ve slept with 30 women by the time they’ve hit their early 30s. This means only a few notches a year, which in my mind doesn’t make them much of a player. I actually have it from a reliable source that many of the very vocal guys on one of the UKs largest forums who deny game exists and tell men to pursue social circles to get women only have these sorts of results. When you combine this knowledge with the fact that social circle game requires you to hunt purely within a set social circle, outside of which you may flounder, you can see why I don’t consider this a pure form of game.

Next there is online game. I’ve done a lot of this myself. Online game can work well for men for two reasons. No approaching is required, and filtering. By filtering I mean that guys only end up on dates (or on Tinder with matches) with girls who are already interested in them due to their looks. This means that an average guy can spam girls with 100 low effort messages in one night, and as a result have 3 dates lined up for the next week. Since all the dates are with girls who are already interested in his looks, he only has to put in minimal game to turn 1 to 2 of those dates into lays. This may sound good. In a way it is, as it allows an average guy to rack up a high lay count without ever having to overcome AA. The trouble with this is that the best swords are forged in the hottest fires. The online PUA only ever practices his game against yes girls. Girls who are physically better looking than you will rarely, if ever be yes girls. They’ll be maybe girls or no girls. The lack of practise with low girls will produce a PUA that is incapable of getting girls who are better looking than him (this is where I’m at now). So this is why online game is not pure game. It does not enable a man to regularly get girls who are better looking than him. This may be fine for really good looking guys. If a guy is a high 8 or better, I’d really recommend he goes on a Tinder rampage. His cock will thank him for it. Even this has a fairly short life span. A guy with good looks will age and lose his looks, and will not have the game to compensate if he’s only ever gamed online. Even if his looks remain for many years, he’ll need to lie about his age. I’ve noticed the quality of my matches nosedive since I turned 32, without any of my pictures changing. It seems girls online filter heavily on age, as it’s one of the few parameters available to them.

Now we come to club / bar game. Real cold approach. This is getting close to pure game now. You actually have to walk up to a girl you don’t know and get her to have sex with you in the near future. It’s hard. You need great non verbals. A thick skin to handle all of the swift rejections. Social skills. Understanding of female psychology. The tenacity to see it though from open to isolation to  extraction to close all at 2am in the morning after you’ve had a few drinks and are completely knackered. There is a skill to it. In my mind it’s not pure game for two reasons.

First is the girls mental state. She’s probably slightly drunk and her buying temperature will likely be spiking due to being in a highly stimulating environment. This can help you, but at the same time it takes a lot of finesse out of the game. Imagine trying to craft an amazing role play to draw her emotionally into your world. Or attempting to parry a well timed shit test with nothing but a change in your vocal tonality. All while the music in the  club is almost deafening and the girl is a bit drunk and really hyper. It’s not the best environment for it. Think of it like daygame being two MMA masters going at it in the ring with highly skilled moves. In comparison daygame is like one of those big bar room brawls you see in old school westerns. It’s too chaotic for highly skilled moves; you just need to get stuck in with some haymakers or smash a bottle over someone’s head to win.

There’s also the looks factor in clubs. Given how easy it is for a girl to reject you in a club, combined with how many times a girl will get approached in a club, it’s usual that a girl won’t even give a guy a chance if he isn’t at least as good looking as her. I do think it’s possible for the better PUAs to get girls who are better looking than them in a club, but it’s low percentage. The norm is for her to instantly reject before you have a chance to show your full value via game.

Finally we come to daygame. Daygame is the one true, pure form of game because it is most effective and versatile value delivery system available to the average man. It’s versatility staems from you needing nothing but yourself. You don’t need a club, a social circle or an ecosystem. It is practiced in any environment that isn’t a club / bar: on the street, in the supermarket, in a women’s clothes shop, on the train, in a cafe. Daygame stops game being this thing you do online or in clubs and opens the whole world up to you as a sarging opportunity. It is truly portable, as people like Krauser and Torero prove when they do two week daygame trips to foreign cities that result in a slew of lays.

In terms of effectiveness, I think daygame provides the best value delivery system out there. This is because daygame usually involves you approaching a single girl in an environment in which she is not usually accustomed to being approached. This often results in her giving you enough time to run game on her, when in other situations she might not give you this opportunity (online, in clubs). The fact that you have the girl on her own in an environment where you can talk means that you can use verbal game to full effect, without competing with her friends or loud background music. It is in the daytime that she will pick up on all the subtleties of your game, both verbal and non verbal. This is a double edged sword. This is because all of the positive stuff you do will be noticed, but so will all your fuck ups. This can make daygame harder to learn, and may well mean that beginners / intermediates get worse results than they would in a club or online. On the flip side a more advanced practitioners game will yield him superior results in the daytime as compared to in a club or online. This all means that many more guys struggle with daygame than with nightgame, but the daygamers who make it seem to end up with the bigger positive disparity in looks between themselves and the girls they lay. The bottom line is that I believe that daygame will net the average man the hottest girls he has the potential to get.

As a little bonus, daygame offers the best opportunities for instruction. It lends itself far better to video infields with high quality audio and coaching where the coach can both watch and listen in on your set. These things mean that daygamers are in a much better position to both learn from others, and to have their mistakes pointed out to them by a pro. This will help enable the daygamer to reach his full potential, and not get stuck running sets in a suboptimal way.

  1. Bone says:

    Oh man this are the things i have been looking for years over my pursuit to be the best seducer i can ever be. My journey coincides with you at this junction… as i was reckless in search for a fuckbuddy and finally i guess the search is over.
    Though i am not that pro as you but sure have determination to fly the highest peak.
    So i advice you to keep posting and motivating. I am watching you.

  2. Jim says:

    Ok… “social circle game” – is there actually any such thing?? Guys get girlfriends through their social circle (sometimes). But in real life (at least in my experience of earth) social circles tend to be fairly stable. They do not provide loads of introductions to unknown girls. I’ve never met anyone that is getting laid regularly through this theoretical type of game, simply because most social circles of normal guys don’t have tonnes and women (and everyone knows each other anyway).

    So there is no point in having a social circle/friends then? Well, no. The biggest problem for most guys is that they simply don’t have a life that a girl really wants to be a part of. If you are in that situation but have some looks and are not fat/skinny, then you’ll wind up on a lot of dates that go nowhere as the girl senses that she’d have a better life without you in it (perhaps). Also having a decent amount of friends gets you invited to house parties, which are much easier to pull from.

    I think a false social circle game vs daygame argument is getting set up lately. With social circle game defined as fucking women met through friends. A bit of a straw man.

    I think one of the underlying reasons daygame is given a hard time on places like the LSS is that it is always guys who don’t have the basics sorted that are most attracted to it. And unfortunately, one of the indicators of ‘having the basics sorted’ is whether or not the guy has a decent social circle… not just 4 male friends who he met through pick up boards. It perhaps encourages the fantasy of a guy living in his nerd cave, then going out on a ninja mission onto the streets and running daygame on a hot girl and pulling her back to his bedroom cave for sex. Clearly some guys can make it work very well, but I think they might just be guys who have all the bases covered but are just not the more social types of guys.

    Anyway, whatever you do, keep going. I think it might be hard for me to understand your situation as I am from down under and am as extroverted as everyone else down here (the more people around me, the more fun I have). I once took my Swiss girlfriend over to London to basically party for 10 days around the xmas new years period. She was naturally introverted and found constantly being surrounded by 40 people in a party like situation very tiring. I loved it.

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