My Final Goal Of The Year

Posted: October 28, 2014 in Uncategorized

Previously I wrote about how I had completed my goal to lay a girl from daygame. We are now in the final quarter of 2014 and as the year nears it’s end, it’s time to set my final goal. Based upon my goals for the year the next one is to sleep with a girl I’d consider an 8. I’ve come close to this before. I’ve kclosed 8s and even got a hand job from one. I’ve slept with girls almost attractive enough to be 8s, but not quite. So now comes the time to slide my cock inside a girl who I can legitimately call hot.

Some of you may think it’s silly to base a goal on some numerical ranking I’ve assigned a girl in my head. To me this isn’t the case. I’ve now got to the point where I have had, and believe I can continue to get a high volume of sexual partners. This year so far I’ve banged 20 new girls, and now have a lifetime lay count of 65. The average man has slept with less than 10 women, and most people consider 30 to be a high number. When I first set out on my PUA adventure, I will admit there was a lot of ego in my motivations. I wanted a lay count high enough such that I didn’t feel like a sexual failure. That’s been reached. I’m not in it for the numbers anymore. I’m no longer happy fucking average girls. Yes, they scratch an itch, but it’s not enough anymore. I yearn for the truly hot girls. The ‘8’ part is just a number that represents this yearning for the purposes of setting a goal. Going for hotter girls is the only logical next step in my evolution as a womaniser.

So, how to achieve this goal? I’ve set myself the subgoal of opening 10 girls who are 8+ per week. This can be either day or nightgame. That should mean roughly 100 buy the end of the year. This may just be enough to help me fulfill my goal.

There’s a problem though. My motivation for chasing women has nosedived. I’ve got a regular on the go and a few 50 /50 prospects (none of which are 8s. One girl is close, so close I counted her as an 8 upon opening, but downgraded to a 7 during our first date). I’ve done a lot of fucking this year. I’ve opened a lot of sets in daygame. I just can’t bring myself to keep pushing forward. I’m missing sarging sessions in order to stay home. Here I read, work on new career skills, blog and play Clash of Clans. Part of me wants to fuck the hot girls, but not enough to put in the work I know will be required.

I’ve come to realise that I’m just suffering from a bit of game induced catabolism. The emotional drain a cyclical nature of all the approaches, flakes and outright rejections has worn me down. It’s time for some R & R. I’m going to spend the next couple of weeks working on other things. No approaches. I’m going to finish reading the two books I’ve got on the go, and then start a third. I’ll finish the two pieces of software I’ve been working on for my portfolio. Be strict on, and finish my current fat loss diet. Start planing next years goals. If I get through all of that with time to spare I’ll starting writing out notes on all of Krauser’s Mastery book.

When all of that’s done they’ll be 8 weeks left of the year and I’ll be raring to go. I like a challenge.

  1. krauserpua says:

    Hey boss, can you email me? It’s about Overkill.

  2. cromlock says:

    We’re near the end of the year. Interesting to see how you did with this.

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