I think my life story must be somewhat cliché for a man entering the world of pick up. A computer geek by trade. Introverted from a young age. Negligible success with women throughout my life.

I go about my days thinking that players that date and fuck a multitude of hot women are born not made. That is until one day, by chance, I happen upon a book called, “The Game” by Neil Strauss.  In it Strauss chronicles his time spent infiltrating the secret underground society of pick up artists. A group of men the world over, just like me, who by sharing tips about female and evolutionary psychology online have turned themselves from milquetoast geeks to super players. Guys who were once laughed at by the hottest girls in school that transformed themselves into the guys that leave the club with the hottest girl.

Discovering that success with women was a teachable, learn-able skill was the holy grail for me. Nothing in my life would  ever be the same again. After this I would change drastically. The world would appear different to me than what it once was. Limiting beliefs would be shattered and new mindsets adopted. My journey to become a pick up artist had begun.

Or in plain English, laugh both with and at me as I blog about my attempts to shag as many half decent birds as possible.


You can contact me via email: betatopua at googlemail ‘dot com’

  1. PUA Vault says:

    hey man,

    you got an email I can reach you at? my email is editor@puavault.net

  2. Alpha says:

    Officially following your blog

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