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The other night I learned the importance of two things when it comes to game: Body language and pre-selection.

Now I know these things are often written about in books and blogs, but I don’t think you can really appreciate the importance of certain things until you see them in effect in front of your very eyes.

After an evening of sarging around Oxford Cirus last night I headed into McDonalds for some food (god forgive me). As I was coming in a classy blonde HB10 was leaving. As much as I love HB10s what really caught my attention was the guy she was leaving with.

He was slightly above average looking, well dressed and well groomed. The only thing that was more confident than the look on his face was the slight swagger in his walk. I saw the HB first, thought, “I wonder what kind of guy gets to fuck her”, and he was the answer to that question.

I only observed him for maybe 2 – 3 seconds, but in this time it was obvious to me that:

  • He was very confident
  • He was a bit of a bad boy, but probably without actually being an ex-con or anything like that
  • He fucks beautiful women

I don’t know if he’s nice, intelligent, funny, well educated or what his world views are. I don’t know if he’s the type of person that will do anything for a friend or if he’s sure to stab them in the back on day. I never even heard him speak so I sure as hell don’t know if he’s got anything interesting to say. All I had on him was his body language and some social proof / pre-selection, but I knew he was a HB fucking bad boy alpha male.

This tells us a lot about what is and isn’t important when it comes to getting laid. A guy’s looks, sense of humour, integrity and intellegence don’t seem to matter as nearly as much as people think. How you walk through the world trumps all of these things.

The thing is, I have made a huge assumption here. He wasn’t holding the girls hand or anything like that. They could have just been friends, or even brother and sister. The thing is, I assumed he was fucking her because it just fits. The way he carried himself makes him look like the kind of guy you can imagine a super hot babe dating.

Lets carry this a bit further. If I see him and assume he’s fucking blondie, how is a girl going to perceive what I saw. I think most girls thought processes (at an almost subconcious level) would go like this: “He’s obviously dating that really attractive girl. If he’s the kind of guy that an attractive girl would want to date then he must be the kind of guy I want to date. And he has that whole sexy bad boy swagger too. I really need some cock…”.

Pre-selection + good body language = instant attraction

Many people I have spoken too have told me about naturals they know. People that have never studied pickup but who sleep with dozens of beautiful women. Whenever they talk about seeing them in action, everyone says the same thing: They don’t seem to say or do anything that different or special.

As soon as a natural approaches a set, even before he’s said a word he’ll have their attention. When he does start speaking the girls are instantly leaning in, hooked on his every word, even if what he’s actually saying is unremarkable. The puppy dog eyes soon follow, and before you know it he’s slapping one of them on the ass shouting, “You like that don’t you, bitch?” as he fucks her doggie style. People don’t seem quite sure why this happens. How can he hook a set without saying a word. Pheromones? Luck? Many people agree that betas can’t replicate this. Even some mid level PUAs think this. I disagree, I think it’s all in the body language and cheeky look on the guys face. Too many PUAs have gone from loser to lover for me to believe other people can’t learn to be like the natural.

So next time you open a set, remember the McDonalds alpha bad boy. In just two seconds, only two seconds, I knew he was the type of man beautiful women want to fuck. Is your next set going to know that about you before you even open your mouth?