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No, dear reader, I’m not worried that I might be gay.

When talking about pickup, people always stress the importance of being comfortable giving of a sexual vibe to girls. They have to know that your a man who is contemplating animalistically violating them. If you don’t do this you risk being seen as a harmless beta drone, and ultimately get turned into a LJBFed orbiter.

So here my problem arises. Today I realized just how uncomfortable I can get when I know a girl can feel the full force of my sexual intent, no matter how subtly conveyed.

I’m at my weekly tango class, dancing with an HB8 that I’ve danced with in previous weeks. We’re just saying hi to each other, and she is asking me how I’ve been. I cut her dead, “You know, you have the cutest little voice. It’s kind of cockney, but not quite”. She giggles and grips my arm tighter. IOI.

We talk about where we’re both from. Just after this she’s getting her steps wrong, “Sorry, was distracted. It was the interesting conversation”. IOI. We continue dancing and she’s staring deep into my eyes. Girls at tango class don’t often do this. IOI.

I hold her eye contact as we dance. She’s a cute blonde with a very tight body. Her short skirt shows off her well formed legs. I continue looking deep into her pretty eyes as I imagine grabbing her legs behind her knees, lifting her up and sticking my cock deep into her hot, wet cunt. I’m now eye fucking her hard. She holds my sexual gaze. In a bar it’d be kiss close time.

Then it happens. I feel the blood rush into my cock. In seconds it’s rock hard. My intent is nothing but sexual at this stage. But I stop and think about where I am. I’m at tango class. This is like an official thing, almost like work or school. I have to see her again next week. Her body keeps bumping into mine. Soon she’s going to realize I’m rock hard for her right in the middle of her tango lesson. My sly smile turns into and awkward one. I just can’t handle my sexuality in this setting like I can in a bar.

Context is king.

I think I need to get comfortable seducing women in any context. I must be comfortable with my sexuality at all times if I am to truly be an alpha male.