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More Daygame

Posted: July 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

Last week I wrote about how fucking scary direct approach daygame is. Last week on Covent Garden I managed to approach just 3 sets over the course of 3 hours. To improve on this I set myself the goal of doing 6 approaches in 2 hours this week. If I didn’t manage it I would stay out until I had done 10 approaches as a punishment.

I only managed 3 approaches in 2 hours. Since it was getting late and I’m also doing bargame tonight, I decided I couldn’t stay and do the 10. I know dear reader. Excuses! I do take some comfort in the fact that 3 approaches in 2 hours is better than my attempt the previous week.

At the moment (and probably until I’ve made 50 – 100 direct approaches) I am only looking to deliver a direct opener, not to hook the set. It really is just a case of walking up to the girl and saying the opener (“I just had to stop you and tell you that you look gorgeous”). Despite this I am already starting to notice mistakes I’m making and realizing what is required in order to hook sets using this type of approach.

My mistakes:

1. Not smiling
2. My voice tone. It’s hard to describe this one. My voice seems to almost indicate that I’m asking permission from the girl to say the opener. The pitch and tone seems a bit submissive and just seems to subcomunicate, “I’m saying something a little bit outrageous to you. I hope it’s ok with you though”. I need my voice to be more manly and more certain. I’m sure this will come as my daygame AA lessens.

I think hooking sets well using direct approach daygame depends on creating a certain feeling in the girl. The girl has to feel that this is a spontaneous, romantic comedyesque magic moment. She has to really believe that you just suddenly noticed her, and that her beauty compelled you to stop her. In other words your voice, facial expressions and body language must make your opener appear really authentic and not canned. This is also important in bargame, but I think it’s critical to direct approach daygame.

For now I just need to work on upping the frequency and volume of my approaches. I’m going to do 3 day game sessions next week. Two will be 90 minute sessions after work, and then another 2 hour session on Saturday. I will open 12 sets in total during these sessions.

Wish me luck, and I’ll keep you updated.


I think the title says it all really. Over the past few months I have got reasonably confident at opening indirectly. I still wanted to open more sets though.

In busy areas of London there are so many more viable sets wandering around during the day than there are hanging out in bars during the evening. This lead me to believe that the best way to increase the number of sets I open each month would be to take up day game.

I did a bit of reading and it turns out most PUAs favour the direct approach during the day. This is because most day time targets are moving them, and direct approach is the most likely to stop them dead in their tracks so you can start running game. In addition to this, during the day girls are often on their way somewhere, so they don’t usually have more than a few minutes to stop and chat. You need to be quick and to the point. The direct approach is the best way to achieve this.

I assumed the direct approach in the day would be easier than going indirect at night. Opening a one set is less intimidating than having to game group, surely? Not having to deal with bouncers and drunk people would surely make everything easier?

My assumption was wrong, dear reader.

When I actually got out into the field, my AA was far worse during day game than in the bars at night. I think it’s a combination of things that made this the case:

1. Going direct is more scary than going indirect, because you pretty much have to tell the girl that you’re into her as soon as you open.

2. Day game generally requires that you have to stop a moving target. This is more daunting than just approaching a stationary group.

3. In bars the music tends to be so loud that only the set hears you’re opener. Without the cover of music, and in a busy public area you worry that people will overhear your approach when you do it during the day.

The first few times I went out to sarge during the day I couldn’t bring myself to open. I literally spent around 8 hours in total wondering around some of the busiest streets in the whole of London, and didn’t open once.

Like I said, it can be fucking terrifying.

I vowed that today would be different. I headed to Covent Garden after having made a contract with myself. This contract stated that I would do two warmups and then three proper approaches before I went home. I would not go home until I was done.

I was there for over 3 fucking hours.

I did it though. Next weekend I’m going back. I’m making a contract with myself again. This time it’s to open six sets in two hours. Since I can see myself opening less than six in the allotted time, and then giving up and going home, I have included a clause in the contract. If I fail to open six sets on two hours, I will have to open a total of ten sets before I go home.

Wish me luck.