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I’m going to become Mayor

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been getting a little fed up with day game lately. All my numbers just seem to flake, and in addition to that I just get bored hanging around on the street between sets. It’s both less fun and less productive than night game, so I had decided to ditch it.

That’s when I go hold of a copy of Paul Janka’s ‘Beyond the Digits’ DVD series (review coming soon).

Janka is famous in the seduction community for being a natural who developed his own style of day game independently from the seduction community by working the streets of New York for over a decade. What sets him apart from the crowd is the super fast number close style which he employs, which is at odds to what most of the community recommends.

I loved the simplicity of his stuff. The way all his techniques seem very normal on the surface in terms of the way you interact with the girl, but underneath it all there is a solid psychology base.

In his DVDs he talks about 3 concepts he considers core to his style of day game. One of them is becoming the ‘Mayor’ of your own little territory.

Choosing a territory is simple if you live in a major city (knew there was a reason I moved somewhere as expensive as London…). Just pick a busy area near your flat / apartment. This is your local area, your territory, and as such this is where you do most of your sarging. At the minimum all the area needs is a reasonably high through flow of people, so the targets don’t just dry up once you’ve hit on a few girls. The area I’m going to be making my territory also has the following:

– A large park: Good for long walks and sarging in.

– Plenty of large supermarkets / shops: You can easily open indirect in these places. These shops also offer good excuses to be in the area, which help to ‘ground’ sets.

– A medium sized Starbucks, and plenty of other independent coffee shops: Make good bases / pit stops. Can also go indirect on girls in here.

– Plenty of restaurants: Can be used for dates, stopping off for lunch

– Some bars: This area is (just about) walking distance from my flat, so bars here would be good for day2s. It’s odd that there seem to be so few bars in such a lively area. West London’s night life is a bit shit for some reason.

– Various other attractions which give me an excuse to visit and therefore sarge the area congruently, such as a cinema.

Janka calls it being the Mayor of a territory because a Mayor is a guy who walks around his area talking to people. And that’s what the PUA should do in his given territory too. Talk to and get to know the baristas / restauranters
/ shop keepers. What’s the point in all this? It gives the aspiring day gamer a number of advantages:

– Huge situational confidence. I’m starting to get this in some of the clubs I regularly do bar game in. Girls pick up on this, and it will increase you’re attractiveness to them.

– Congruent sarging: You’ll always have a reason to be in this area, so you won’t have the whole “OMG I’m walking busy shopping streets hunting for girls” mindset which I have personally found gets in the way of opening.

– Ability to ‘ground’ sets: Dropping the fact that you live straight around the corner into the conversation whilst in set is great. I’m pretty certain many girls pick up on the fact that guys are stalking London’s main shopping streets for women when they get opened, and this leads to a lot of flakes.

– Very little traveling to get to the sarging location. I only realised the stupidity of paying for a there and back tube fare to London’s main day gaming hotspots when Janka brought up this idea. Many guys in London would save themselves both time and money when it comes to travel if they sarged a local territory.

I have already been to give the area a once over. Some decent targets. Still going to have to work out the logistics of opening in a coffee shop. I think I’m going to include the huge shopping centre and my local supermarket in my territory. This will make it easier to do approaches into the double figures each week.

Stats since 1st September:
0 number closes
1 kiss closes
1 f closes


This is the first in what will be an ongoing (if I can be bothered) series of posts in which I present my readers with a real life scenario, and ask them, “What would you do?”. I’m interested to know what others would do in tough / borderline situations. Here’s the first scenario.

It’s Covent Garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I arrived less than 10 minutes ago and I’m yet to open a set. I see one girl that will do, and I turn to give chase. Just as I’m closing on her, I notice a significantly hotter girl coming the opposite direction. She has long pigtails, sparkly blue eyes, denim shorts that show off her luscious legs and a huge smile on her face. I abandon my current approach, turn and chase the new girl.

The stop and opening is pretty standard, “Thought you looked like the happiest person on the street, but your shorts make you look like a bad girl blah blah blah”. It hooks quite well, and despite some language barriers, and my vocal tonality being a bit off things go quite well. I tease her a bit about being a country girl lost in the big city, then do some rapport stuff and get some info on logistics. I find out the following:

  • She’s only 17 (16 is legal in the UK…)
  • She’s from Hungry
  • She’s on holiday with her parents and siblings (they are nearby, but not with her when I open)
She’s hooked really strongly and seems really into it. Given her age, the fact that her family (and I’m especially thinking about Daddy here) are around, and to top it all off she’s not a resident in the country I’m thinking that this set is just not logistically viable. That is the logical conclusion.
Putting logic to the side for a moment, there is an extremely hot 17 year old girl who seems fairly into me after I went direct on her standing in front of me. This is of great interest to my penis me in my quest to get better at game.
I think through my options:
  1. Try and instadate her now – I can already imagine her father tracking us down…
  2. Go for a number – She probably hasn’t got a UK mobile
  3. Burn the set – The sensible thing, but life isn’t lived to the fullest when you always do the sensible thing
What would you do?
Stats since 1st August:
28 approaches
4 number closes
3 kiss closes
0 f closes

My day game ticking clock

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I have a problem that’s effecting my day game. I’ll run after a girl. Stop her. Open her. Hook her. It’s then that it happens. The clock starts ticking.

In bar game, I feel no rush. It’s like I’ve got all the time in the world to chat to the girl. In the street, it’s different. Since the girl was going somewhere when I stopped her, I feel like there’s a strict time constraint on the set. 3 – 5 minutes at the most (talk about arbitrary).

If I’m to get good comfort with the girl, and get her to open up and invest with me, I need a little more time. Closer to 10 minutes. In addition to this, I think the ticking clock comes across in my vibe. It makes me feel uneasy, which in turn will make the girl feel uncomfortable.

Not sure how to get around this one. I think doing more sets will help. I’m still not completely comfortable in my own skin doing day game yet. I also think better conversation skills will help, as I’ll be able to chill out and relax into the conversation better.

Stats since 1st August:
0 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes

I thought I had my day game stop (when I stop a moving target) down, but I’m starting to reconsider this. I always come in from the side of the girl, almost a bit behind her and then tap her on the arm. I then deliver my opener. Many people have told me that this is wrong, and I need to get ahead of her, spin around and then face her, blocking her path. This always seemed a bit over the top to me.

I always argued that my problem lately in day game wasn’t stopping the girls. 80 – 90% of girls will stop and listen to my opener, with most of them sticking around to exchange a few sentences after that. My problem is hooking the sets.

I consider a set to be hooked when the girl is giving me her full attention, has stopped wanting to walk away from me, and the two of us are having a conversation. Most girls fail to hook for me, they make their excuses and walk off soon after I finish my opener. Looking back at my spreadsheet, my hook rate is maybe 10%.

I always thought this was a problem with my verbal skills. I wasn’t saying the right stuff to engage them and hook them. Although I think this is partially true I think they way I go about stopping them may play a bigger part in this than I previously thought. Here’s why.

A prerequisite to hooking a girl in day game is killing her momentum. A girl when walking down the street has both mental and physical momentum. Her physical momentum is the fact that her body is physically moving in a certain direction. I think it is obvious that you need to stop this physical momentum in order to hook the girl. You can’t have a conversation with her when you’re stood still but she never physically stops. Her mental momentum is not as obvious, but it’s still just as important. In her mind, before you stop her she is thinking about where she’s going. While she’s still thinking, “I’m on my way to Tescos” she still has mental momentum, and in her mind she is just about to walk off. You have to engage her fully in conversation to rid her brain of this thought. Until this is done you can’t hook her into a conversation in which she is fully present mentally.

I think really getting in front of a girl, rather than coming in from the side is much more likely to kill her momentum. I’ve been killing physical momentum fairly well, but not so much the mental momentum. This is part of the reason I’m getting a low hook rate. I don’t think there’s anything that will quite kill a girls momentum as quickly as getting right in front of her, and shamelessly blocking her path. It’s also very high value / alpha. It sub-communicates that what you want (to talk to her) is the most important thing, more important than her getting to where she is going.

I’m currently in the process of modifying my day game stop so I get in front of the girl. Cue comedy moments where I fuck my timing up / misjudge distances and she ends up walking straight into me.

Stats since 1st July:
53 approaches
7 number closes
3 kiss closes
1 f closes

Looking back at my approach spreadsheet (yes I’m a geek and I keep on of these) I realized that due to other things getting in the way I haven’t been day game approaching regularly for almost 3 weeks now. I gave myself a kick up the ass and headed straight for London’s day game Mecca, Oxford Street, after work.

I did the usual thing of smoking and listening to music for 15 minutes to get in the mood, then I went to work approaching. Only I didn’t. Usually these days once I go into ‘sarge mode’ I can go direct on the first girl I see who I like. It’s just opening loads more sets after that which is a problem.

Eventually after 40 mins I open a girl. I’ve been standing around getting progressively more nervous for the past 40 minutes and so the confidence just isn’t there. She looked like she was going to hook, but didn’t quite. On a good day I would have hooked her.

I’m a little disappointed, but I’m not beating myself up about it. Progress at anything that requires skill isn’t an upward curve, but rather a series of dips, followed by upward spurts then long plateaus. I had a dip a while back, and a spurt of upward progress soon followed. I think the same will happen now, so my day game should b on the up over the next week or so.

After my first set laziness took over and I went home. Fear and laziness are my sworn enemies.

On my way home I saw an advert at the tube station. Like many adverts this one centered on a picture of a beautiful women. I remember not so long ago looking at adverts like this and lamenting the fact I’d never get to fuck girls like that. Then I started in pickup, and I’d see these adverts and wonder if I’d ever be good enough to fuck girls like that.

Today was different. I looked at the picture of the hottie and knew I was good enough. I feel like all the pieces are there, now I just need to connect the dots. I’m a bit inconsistent and rough around the edges, but it won’t be long now. Something inside me has changed.

Stats since 1st June:
8 approaches
1 number closes
1 kiss closes
0 f closes

Or shopping center as well call it in the UK.

I’m lucky enough to live fairly close to London’s biggest shopping centre. On weeknights it’s not too busy, but there are always a reasonable number of quality targets around. After having a smoke and visiting the toilet, I approach the first attractive girl I see who’s on her own. This is progress for me, because until recently I’d spend ages wandering around chickening out before opening.

I use a very standard direct opener, and try and transition by talking about how I was so sure she was English, but from her accent she obviously isn’t. My approach is fairly weak as I’m quite nervous. My voice goes a bit mumbly, my body language isn’t awful but is a little shaky. I don’t make great eye contact with her. I’m coming to realise that it’s not so much what you say that stops and hooks girls, it’s the confidence you project when you’re saying it.This confidence is shown in the following ways:

  • Strong, unshakable masculine body language
  • Strong, mildly sexualized eye contact
  • A slow, smooth and booming voice
  • A sly smile
  • Not letting her initial reaction to you effect you in any way

She is hinting that she wants to go by saying, “Thanks” and keeping her body angled like she is about to walk away, so I let her go. I have seen other PUAs in this situation plough through to a hook and still go on to get solid number closes. I realised that I give up too easily, and can probably hook more sets just by standing my ground.

The bullet points given above are what I need to work on in day game. When learning a new skill, aimless practice is almost worthless. You have to practice specific things in order to improve. Some guys in game aimlessly practice for years and as a result end up never improving. I will focus my day game practice on these areas in a conscious effort to improve.

That’s set one. So far not great, but not terrible either. An OK first attempt for the session. It’s now that things go wrong. I go off for a smoke and a wander around the shops in order to reset for another set. Only, instead of taking 15 minutes about it I soon realise 45 minutes have gone by. It’s now starting to get late and I want to go home. At this point I mentally give up on the sarge. I decide to head for the exit, but will keep my eyes open for a target on the way out. It’s slim pickings, but I spot a latino girl (my favorite) struggling to walk gracefully in her 3.5 inch high heels. When I see her ass wiggling that seals the deal.

I go to move in but a guy trying to sell hair extenstions on a stall gets there first and makes his pitch. Fuck. I walk on by and hover near the Superdry store. I’m going to pretend I was just about to go in there when I suddenly ‘notice’ her. She finally brushes off the hair salesman and comes past me. I got to make my move, but there’s no room on her left hand side because of a group of guys standing there chatting. I switch to the right hand side. I’m coming up behind her. Almost alongside her… then she moves to her right causing me to kick her in the back of her foot. This just ruins the moment for me so I abort, and end the sarge.

On the way out I realised my main problem was laziness. Once upon a time I would have wandered around for ages, seeing the targets but pussying out of the approach. This time both times that I saw targets I did go for it. It’s just that most of the time I was just wandering around in a world of my own, not even noticing the targets. When it comes to approaching, the fear is starting to give way, and just like happened last year, apathy is setting in. The more sets I open the more it will start to feel mundane, so I’m really going to have to push myself.

Stats since 1st May:
18 approaches
3 number closes
1 kiss closes
1 f closes

It hit covent garden today with a wing or a quickie daygame session. Within 40 minutes we had each opened our first set. He didn’t hook his. Mine hooked reasonably strongly, but she was leaving the country today so I ejected after a few minutes.

So far, not spectacular but a decent start. After getting the initial approaches out of the way (always the hardest part) we could then have easily gone on to do another couple of sets each in out remaining 50mins. 3 sets in 90mins isn’t exactly pushing it, but for me it would be pretty good going, and would leave me with a sense of achievement.

Then we decided to buy a smoothie and chill in Trafalger square. This, dear reader, is where we fucked up. This killed our momentum, and made opening again just as hard as if it had been our first set. If you leave it too long between your first and second set, any state / drop in anxiety you built ip from opening the first one has gone. The start of session psych up now needs to happen all over again.

In the end my wing approached once more, and I had a few I gave chase to, but bottled them at the last moment. I feel we both would have got 2 more approaches in if we hadn’t taken a break.

Now I realise this I can put a plan together. I’m plan to do the following:

1. Make most of my daygame sessions solo. I don’t want to be distracted from opening my second set.
2. No smoke breaks between my first and second sets.
3. No taking long walks through areas which won’t be target rich between my first and second sets.
4. As soon as I’m done with my first set I’m immediately value scanning for my second set. No ‘quick’ breathers between sets.

I think putting all this into practice will allow my daygame sessions to develop good approach momentum, which will help carry me through the AA and lead to me using my time much more productively.

Stats since 1st May:
1 approaches
0 number closes
0 kiss closes
0 f closes

Daygame again

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I’m just on my way home from completing another stint of daygame in Covent Garden. I was hoping to do 6 approaches in 2 hours, but only managed 3 in 70 minutes before calling it a day and heading home. I decided I had some things I needed to do before heading out tonight for my Saturday bargame session.

I have got slightly better in terms of AA I think. This has been my progression:

1. 3 hours, 0 approaches
2. 3 hours. 0 approaches
3. 3 hours, 3 approaches
4. 2 hours, 3 approaches
5. 70 minutes, 3 approaches

So it’s been slow going, but I am making progress. I think the next logical progression is 3 approaches in an hour. I will aim to do this tomorrow.

I still haven’t managed to get a girl to stop. Usually they just stop for the briefest second, then smile / laugh when I deliver my opener and just walk around me.

Once I can open around 10 girls in 2 hours I will start to work on getting them to stop. I think the key to this is transitioning quickly then ploughing through. A girl isn’t going to know what to say to such a direct opener. Unlike opinion openers direct openers don’t have the effect of starting a conversation, so an immediate transition is a must.