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As any regular readers know, my main sticking point has always been approach anxiety. Recently my AA has massively decreased (in day game, not so much for night game). So I’m opening loads of set now, right? Wrong.

When I hit the streets day gaming, I’m now usually able to approach the first attractive girl I want to. So whereas at one time I’d be wandering round for hours psyching myself up to open, now I do it within minutes of beginning the sarge. So far, so good. It’s then that the problem occurs. After opening my first set, opening more sets just makes me feel like a weirdo. I find it hard to open a set every 15 minutes without feeling like a sex pest.

Some guys might come back at me with some standard community responses like, “It being weird is all in your mind” or “That’s a limiting belief” blah blah blah. One of the definitions of weird is:

Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.

Hanging around at the intersection of Regent’s Street and Oxford Street and approaching 4/5 women per hour with a view to starting a sexual relationship with them is unusual, because most people don’t do it. It is by definition strange. Look at it this way. If I’m about to leave work on a Friday evening and am asked, “What are you up to tonight?” and I reply, “Off to a bar to chat up women”, then some people would think I was a bit blunt about it, but they wouldn’t think me weird, as many men chat up women in bars. If, however I replied, “I’m going to hang out on the street and chat up women”, then this would cause some commotion. People would think me weird.

So, despite what the community says, intense day gaming is weird.

So where do I go from here? I can’t continue opening 6 sets and getting one number close a week. At this rate it will take me at least 10 weeks to get my next day 2. This will not do. The only thing I can think of is just to accept the weirdness. I have to tell myself, “I know this is weird, but it’s something I have to do to hone my skills”.

The two main things that freak me out are:

  1. Hanging around the same area making loads of approaches
  2. Approaching many times within a short time period (I have seen some guys do about 10 approaches an hour, for example).

To get rid of these things I’m going to do some stuff to trick my brain a little.

In each of my main sarging locations I will have multiple ‘loitering positions’, each around 5 minutes walk from one another. As soon as a set is over I will walk on to the next location, listen to some music / surf the web on my phone. Basically I’m trying to engineer a bit of a time distortion effect in my brain, making it seem like it was longer ago than it was since I opened the last set, so I don’t feel like a predator on the prowl. I’ll wait 15 minutes before I’m back in sarge mode, scanning for targets. When the 15 minutes is up I’ll open the next girl I like.

Stats since 1st May:
17 approaches
3 number closes
1 kiss closes
1 f closes