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I’m going to become Mayor

Posted: September 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been getting a little fed up with day game lately. All my numbers just seem to flake, and in addition to that I just get bored hanging around on the street between sets. It’s both less fun and less productive than night game, so I had decided to ditch it.

That’s when I go hold of a copy of Paul Janka’s ‘Beyond the Digits’ DVD series (review coming soon).

Janka is famous in the seduction community for being a natural who developed his own style of day game independently from the seduction community by working the streets of New York for over a decade. What sets him apart from the crowd is the super fast number close style which he employs, which is at odds to what most of the community recommends.

I loved the simplicity of his stuff. The way all his techniques seem very normal on the surface in terms of the way you interact with the girl, but underneath it all there is a solid psychology base.

In his DVDs he talks about 3 concepts he considers core to his style of day game. One of them is becoming the ‘Mayor’ of your own little territory.

Choosing a territory is simple if you live in a major city (knew there was a reason I moved somewhere as expensive as London…). Just pick a busy area near your flat / apartment. This is your local area, your territory, and as such this is where you do most of your sarging. At the minimum all the area needs is a reasonably high through flow of people, so the targets don’t just dry up once you’ve hit on a few girls. The area I’m going to be making my territory also has the following:

– A large park: Good for long walks and sarging in.

– Plenty of large supermarkets / shops: You can easily open indirect in these places. These shops also offer good excuses to be in the area, which help to ‘ground’ sets.

– A medium sized Starbucks, and plenty of other independent coffee shops: Make good bases / pit stops. Can also go indirect on girls in here.

– Plenty of restaurants: Can be used for dates, stopping off for lunch

– Some bars: This area is (just about) walking distance from my flat, so bars here would be good for day2s. It’s odd that there seem to be so few bars in such a lively area. West London’s night life is a bit shit for some reason.

– Various other attractions which give me an excuse to visit and therefore sarge the area congruently, such as a cinema.

Janka calls it being the Mayor of a territory because a Mayor is a guy who walks around his area talking to people. And that’s what the PUA should do in his given territory too. Talk to and get to know the baristas / restauranters
/ shop keepers. What’s the point in all this? It gives the aspiring day gamer a number of advantages:

– Huge situational confidence. I’m starting to get this in some of the clubs I regularly do bar game in. Girls pick up on this, and it will increase you’re attractiveness to them.

– Congruent sarging: You’ll always have a reason to be in this area, so you won’t have the whole “OMG I’m walking busy shopping streets hunting for girls” mindset which I have personally found gets in the way of opening.

– Ability to ‘ground’ sets: Dropping the fact that you live straight around the corner into the conversation whilst in set is great. I’m pretty certain many girls pick up on the fact that guys are stalking London’s main shopping streets for women when they get opened, and this leads to a lot of flakes.

– Very little traveling to get to the sarging location. I only realised the stupidity of paying for a there and back tube fare to London’s main day gaming hotspots when Janka brought up this idea. Many guys in London would save themselves both time and money when it comes to travel if they sarged a local territory.

I have already been to give the area a once over. Some decent targets. Still going to have to work out the logistics of opening in a coffee shop. I think I’m going to include the huge shopping centre and my local supermarket in my territory. This will make it easier to do approaches into the double figures each week.

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