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Looking back at my approach spreadsheet (yes I’m a geek and I keep on of these) I realized that due to other things getting in the way I haven’t been day game approaching regularly for almost 3 weeks now. I gave myself a kick up the ass and headed straight for London’s day game Mecca, Oxford Street, after work.

I did the usual thing of smoking and listening to music for 15 minutes to get in the mood, then I went to work approaching. Only I didn’t. Usually these days once I go into ‘sarge mode’ I can go direct on the first girl I see who I like. It’s just opening loads more sets after that which is a problem.

Eventually after 40 mins I open a girl. I’ve been standing around getting progressively more nervous for the past 40 minutes and so the confidence just isn’t there. She looked like she was going to hook, but didn’t quite. On a good day I would have hooked her.

I’m a little disappointed, but I’m not beating myself up about it. Progress at anything that requires skill isn’t an upward curve, but rather a series of dips, followed by upward spurts then long plateaus. I had a dip a while back, and a spurt of upward progress soon followed. I think the same will happen now, so my day game should b on the up over the next week or so.

After my first set laziness took over and I went home. Fear and laziness are my sworn enemies.

On my way home I saw an advert at the tube station. Like many adverts this one centered on a picture of a beautiful women. I remember not so long ago looking at adverts like this and lamenting the fact I’d never get to fuck girls like that. Then I started in pickup, and I’d see these adverts and wonder if I’d ever be good enough to fuck girls like that.

Today was different. I looked at the picture of the hottie and knew I was good enough. I feel like all the pieces are there, now I just need to connect the dots. I’m a bit inconsistent and rough around the edges, but it won’t be long now. Something inside me has changed.

Stats since 1st June:
8 approaches
1 number closes
1 kiss closes
0 f closes



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I had about 10 days off from game because I was literally so broke I couldn’t afford the tube fare into central London to do day game. For a few days after that I was really busy at work, and so up until Friday just gone I hadn’t really done any game for 2 weeks. This has lead me to get out of the habit of going out regularly to approach girls, and now sloth has set in.

I woke up today in plenty of time to do a good few hours day gaming in central London. I chilled out a bit, and before I knew it it’s late afternoon. Would be fine on any other day, but I just decided it would be too dead for good day game on a wet Sunday  evening, so I’ve decided to stay at home.

Laziness is a weakness which I must strive to overcome.

Stats since 1st June:
2 approaches
1 number close
1 kiss close
0 f closes