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“Flawless Natural” is a 6 DVD set which which is a recording of one of Real Social Dynamics’ seminars. For those of you who don’t know, Real Social Dynamics is a pick up instruction company started by Tyler Durden, a man made famous in the community by being heavily featured Neil Strauss’ best selling book, “The Game”. The seminar is about how to apply natural game in a nightclub / bar.

Real Social Dynamics is well known for having instructors capable of running really enthralling seminars. The instructor giving this seminar, Tim (aka ‘Natural’ Tim) is no exception. His presentation style is high energy, which captivates you and makes the 5 hours worth of footage fly by.

The seminar is almost exclusively focused on techniques and mindsets which can be applied in the field, rather than doing into any of the pick up theory behind it. It’s all about what to do and how, but not why to do it. Knowing all the theory in depth like it’s some sort of academic subject can cause guys to freeze up when they’re actually stood in front of a real life girl, and so I think this is a good thing. Tim drops all the standard community geeky / scientific sounding pick up terms (think social hook point, FTC…), and instead gives his concepts cool sounding names like “Spontaneous Lovestriking” and “The Claw of Glory”.

Non verbal communication is what this DVD set really focuses on. There’s a whole DVD devoted to getting physical (kino) and a large section on the importance of vocal tonality and volume. This is what natural game is really about. Sub-communicating higher value via your non verbals, rather than techniques to to ‘trick’ the girl into thinking your higher value than her (negging, DHV stories). Although Tim never mentions the concept of value, it’s obvious many of the things he teaches are techniques which allow a man to act in a way which shows that he’s higher value than the woman. An example would be when you open a girl who is walking by you in the club. You stay with your feet routed to the spot and pull her towards you. The reason for this is because moving towards her denotes lower value, but he doesn’t explain this. This makes me think that this is clever marketing by RSD. They remove all the geeky terms and explanations in order to repackage their product so they can sell it to a wider audience (non geeks) and sell it as new to their existing customers.

As well as the non verbal stuff, Tim does give a few examples of openers which he uses, and conversational techniques. The openers are simple and non gamey, which makes them perfect for people who hate “Who lies more?” style opinion openers. The best conversational technique he gives is probably how to create what he calls, “The Bubble of Love” around you and a girl. This is basically a situation where you’re talking to a girl in set and you both know that the it’s more than just “Let’s just be friends”. There is a sexual / romantic undertone. I think there are many times in set when a guy doesn’t know where he is and isn’t sure whether it’s on or not, or how to progress things and get to this “Bubble of Love” point. Times like this are frustrating for many guys, because they want to ramp things up but aren’t sure what to do. Tim’s 5 random interview questions routine comes into play in situations like this, and allows you to add spark into the conversation. This could be the difference between getting a lay and just having a nice chat. I can really see myself using this routine. Will field test when the opportunity next arises.

A key part of the Flawless Natural Method is being in state when opening sets, and cutting the thinking process down when practising pick up, so the PUA can be in the moment as much as possible. This is why all the theory is dropped in place of simple techniques. Theory has put many a wannbe PUA into his own head when he should be living in the moment.  The only problem with state is, that if you come to rely on it, when you’re not in state you’ll completely freeze, and spend the whole night complaining that you aren’t in state. I have seen guys do this in the field. Luckily, he does give some practical advice about getting into state.

How do I think this will help my bar / club game? I think it will help me in the following ways:

Kino – Although I don’t have much anxiety at physically escalating on girls any more, I’m not as touchy feely as I should be. Tim says to start kino within the first couple of minutes. The longer you wait the more weird it gets. He also tells guys to be more purposeful with their kino. So silly little touches on their arm. Go for broke and grab their hand or put your arm around them.

Adding spark to humdrum sets – Some of the techniques shown to create a bubble of love will help me with this.

Being non needy – One thing I’m starting to notice now I can hang in sets for a long time is that I’m hanging in there for too long and coming across as needy (post coming up on this soon, is a sticking point). Tim says you should eject after not too long, and have brief chats with them throughout the night after that.

Getting my caveman on – Tim says the girls often comment, “You’re so aggressive” to which he replies, “Yeah, I am”. They then tell him that they like this. I need to get used to pulling girls in, and telling them to come to me.

I’ll have to field test some of this stuff over the coming months and let you know how I get on.

I think there is just one area where this product falls over: price. At $269 I find it hard to justify this purchase. It’s good yes, but I don’t think I like the idea of paying more than $99 for it.

All in all a solid product. Good for guys who can approach but are lacking spark in their sets, or who aren’t being physical enough or who spend too much time in their own heads when in the club can benefit from this. If you’re still trying to work out what to open sets with, or are terrified to even touch a girl when in set then I think you’d need to work on your confidence a little (open more sets, get blown out more) before you’d get much out of this. Complete noobs might want to read something like the Mystery Method first.

Score: 4/5 A good product for guys who have opened their first 100 sets, but over priced.

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