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I didn’t get any responses I sent to my wings about sarging tonight so looks like I’m solo. There were 3 weekend nights last month where I didn’t go out due to lack of wingmen, but I have decided I can’t hold back my progress by not getting out there and opening some sets just because I have to go solo.

Solo sarging fucking scares me. To the point where I’m nervous about the night out from the time I start getting ready at home. Not good for my state. I don’t know many people who will sarge solo. This shows it’s not just some random hangup I have about this.

I really think this fear of solo bargame is in part due to social conditioning. My anxiety about daygame is the same whether I’m solo or with wings. It literally makes zero difference. This is because walking around crowded streets and shopping areas during the day is considered normal. If it wasn’t people could never leave the house on their own. Bars are a different story. Except for maybe the occasional old man propping up the bar on his own, people never really go to bars on their own at night time. If they did, it would be socially acceptable, and so I’d probably feel a lot less anxious about going it solo.

I’m just going to have to stop being a pussy and get over it. Wish me luck tonight, dear reader.