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The other day I realized my phone had a load of contacts in which I just don’t speak to anymore. Duplicate names are starting to become a problem, so I began pruning the contact list.

As I did that, I came across the married girl that I went on one date with last year (no k close). At the time I pushed too hard for a second date, and that blew me out. I thought she was messing me around, but thinking about it realized that her situation (married and living with him) meant that it was awkward for her to see me. Armed with this new perspective I decided to try and revive the set.

I sent a simple text and got a quick response. She seemed receptive, and asked for a photo of me to remind her. As soon as she got that it was clear that it was on.

Three days later we meet in a central London bar. He tits are looking epic. After an initial how are you chat and some mild banter, I explain what I think went wrong last time. I think it’s critical that I let her know that I understand that her situation is delicate, and that I won’t rock the boat.

I then went on to tell her what she needs in a man. This obviously struck a cord with her as her eyes filled with tears and she said, “I don’t think that’s too much to ask for, is it?”.  Next I got her buying temperature up with a bit of banter and some mild sexualization. Time to escalate.

I’m starting to focus on the hands when physically escalating with a girl. I really think what 60 Years of Challenge says in his ebook is correct. You need to get to the point where the girl is returning your touch – mutually caressing he calls it – to get that “it’s on” moment. Some girls will let you get a bit touchy feely with them, but don’t return the touch. These girls quite possibly aren’t into you, they just can’t be bothered to object to your kino. It’s when they start touching you back that you know it’s on. This show that they have subconsciously accepted you as a sexual partner. Win. The easiest way to get to this point is to touch their hands. Small touches at first. Then longer. Then holding hands. It’s the old Mystery Method thing of if you squeeze her hand and she squeezes back it’s a big IOI.

So I get to the mutual caressing stage. I go for the k close and get it. 20 minutes later she’s got her hands all over my cock. Logistics would be no good to lay her that night though. I tell her, “I  want to fuck you. I’m not going to deny that. But I’m not in a rush”.

When I get home she texts me telling me she wants me inside her, she’s fishing for another date. She sends me a topless picture, and we agree to meet a couple of days later (I shouldn’t have given up the second date so easily, in retrospect).

She texts me on the day of the date, asking if I’m just after sex. I reframe, saying I thought she was interested in me for more than that and liked my personality. This causes her to qualify to me. She then cancels the date, saying she can’t get away from her husband. I do what Roissy suggests, and wait till the time of the date and just reply with “Cool”. This doesn’t go down well. She replies back saying I can’t handle the situation. I tell her I want to see her again, and tell her it’s OK. Looking back my response was a bit beta.

I know the sexual attraction is there. If she was single this would be an easy lay. The situation makes it hard. I’m going to play the long game. I won’t invest too much time / thought / emotional energy in her. The hard bit is going to be communicating to her that I understand she’s in a complicated situation, without coming off as a beta that will just take what he’s given from her.

I will keep you guys updated.

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