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This is the first in what will be an ongoing (if I can be bothered) series of posts in which I present my readers with a real life scenario, and ask them, “What would you do?”. I’m interested to know what others would do in tough / borderline situations. Here’s the first scenario.

It’s Covent Garden on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I arrived less than 10 minutes ago and I’m yet to open a set. I see one girl that will do, and I turn to give chase. Just as I’m closing on her, I notice a significantly hotter girl coming the opposite direction. She has long pigtails, sparkly blue eyes, denim shorts that show off her luscious legs and a huge smile on her face. I abandon my current approach, turn and chase the new girl.

The stop and opening is pretty standard, “Thought you looked like the happiest person on the street, but your shorts make you look like a bad girl blah blah blah”. It hooks quite well, and despite some language barriers, and my vocal tonality being a bit off things go quite well. I tease her a bit about being a country girl lost in the big city, then do some rapport stuff and get some info on logistics. I find out the following:

  • She’s only 17 (16 is legal in the UK…)
  • She’s from Hungry
  • She’s on holiday with her parents and siblings (they are nearby, but not with her when I open)
She’s hooked really strongly and seems really into it. Given her age, the fact that her family (and I’m especially thinking about Daddy here) are around, and to top it all off she’s not a resident in the country I’m thinking that this set is just not logistically viable. That is the logical conclusion.
Putting logic to the side for a moment, there is an extremely hot 17 year old girl who seems fairly into me after I went direct on her standing in front of me. This is of great interest to my penis me in my quest to get better at game.
I think through my options:
  1. Try and instadate her now – I can already imagine her father tracking us down…
  2. Go for a number – She probably hasn’t got a UK mobile
  3. Burn the set – The sensible thing, but life isn’t lived to the fullest when you always do the sensible thing
What would you do?
Stats since 1st August:
28 approaches
4 number closes
3 kiss closes
0 f closes