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2014 Year in Review

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

In this, my last ever post to this site, I’m going to review 2014 and see how I measured up to my goals.

Here’s a list of my 2014 goals and a brief review of whether I achieved them or not.

  1. Sleep with 20 new girls – Success
  2. Get my first day game lay – Success
  3. Fuck my first HB8+ – Failure
  4. Save £2,500 – Success
  5. Visit Japan – Failure
  6. Get my front end development skills up to senior level – Success

So now a bit more detail.

Sleep with 20 new girls

I really wanted to experience a high volume of hitting on girls and getting lays to really solidify my self image as that of a ladies man. I actually slept with 22 new women this year. My lifetime lay count is now 67. This means I slept with 1/3rd of all women I’ve ever slept with in the past 12 months. Quite an achievement.

Sleeping with this many women in a year (almost one every other week) has some interesting effects. It removes the mystique around sex for one. It stops it being so special. I think many men sex is something that girls give to the odd few guys they meet who they think are very special. This is in contrast to someone like me who views casual sex as something which is available in abundance, so long as you’re willing to pursue it in a direct manner. I slept with so many women this year that when I tried to compile a list of all 22 girls yesterday (based on some form on identifier, rather than name), I could only account for 19 of them. I know the count is 22 because I kept a running total. This means I’ve slept with 3 women this year and have completely forgotten about it. I literally have no conscious memories of having intercourse with these 3 girls. Sex has become anonymous and impersonal to me now. An event no more noteworthy than watching a decent film, or having a nice meal.

I think the result of this is that although I’m much more open to the idea that it’s fairly easy to bed women, the pair bonding circuitry in my brain has been fried. I think that there is some mechanism whereby sex helps couples pair bond and then fall in love. That chemical reaction has fired so many times in my brain with so many women this year that I think I’ve built up a tolerance to it. Much the same as someone builds up a tolerance to drugs by excessive use. I think this will make it hard for me to ever fall in love. I tire of a woman really quickly now.

Despite my success in terms of number of notches, I don’t think I’ve really improved my game at all this year. The only thing that changed and allowed the high notch count was tooling. I started using Tinder. This tool enabled me to get the volume so high, as it’s a very time efficient way to meet girls. I would recommend Tinder for young guys who are at least decent looking and who want to get their numbers up. Having said this, Tinder has disadvantages to the aspiring player. The main one is it’s negative effect on game skill. You’re never going to get really good at game using Tinder. You’ll only ever end up on dates with girls who are already attracted to you based on looks alone. This means that you will never get your game to the level where it is strong enough to allow you to bed girls better looking than you. This is a big thing for me.

All in all 2/3rds of my lays this year were from online ‘game’. Although this is somewhat disappointing, by god I enjoyed all the pussy.

In terms of average quality (in terms of looks) of the girls, I’d say it was slightly up from last year. This was mainly due to the fact that the lower end of my scale went up, rather than the upper end of my scale going up. In short, the ugliest girls I slept with this year were better looking than the ugliest girls I slept with last year. The best looking girls I slept with were no better than last year. I’d say my range this year was quite tight. HB6 – HB7.5.

Get my first day game lay

This is the one I’m really proud of. I’ve been trying to crack day game on and off for 5 years now. I find it both terrifying and difficult. To directly approach a random girl who doesn’t know you, in broad day light, and strike up a short conversation which is compelling enough for her to want to see you again just isn’t easy. To any guys struggling with this and wondering if it’s there’s something wrong with them – no. It’s just really hard. I’ve seen people like Krauser and Torero come under fire by people saying that their stats aren’t that impressive. This is bollocks. Any guy who’s average looking (or worse) and has consistently attempted to bang hot girls from day game will know that these guys’ stats point to a very high level of skill indeed.

I hope to massively build upon this first success in 2015. Also anyone who says you can’t bang English girls from day game… the girl in question was English.

Fuck my first HB8+

This was supposed to be my final goal of 2014. The truth is that around early October I hit my 20 lays and my daygame lay. I expended so much mental and emotional energy as well as time on these thing. The rest of the year was freezing cold, I was ill multiple times, my sex drive was lower than it’s ever been, and my father died suddenly. Given all this I just didn’t have the drive or motivation to achieve such a difficult goal.

Save £2,500

Although this is not a lot of money and I’m now in the process of blowing some of it now January’s here, this was an important milestone for me. I’ve always been bad with money and have never before been able to spend less money than I earn over the course of the year. That’s what made this so important. Being disciplined enough to spend less than I earn. This will be a big thing for me as it will be a prerequisite for me if I am to achieve the lifestyle I want in the future.

Visit Japan

I gave up on this one early on, as it was at such odds with my saving target.

Get my front end development skills up to senior level

I modified this to focus on Javascript rather than front end development as a whole. Near the beginning of the year a tried completing a set of interview questions for a Javascript developer role. The questions were considered hard. I found them so hard that I couldn’t even understand some of the questions. Needless to say I didn’t do well with them. I forgot about these questions then came across them again last month. This time I demolished them. This will set me up well for achieving future lifestyle / career goals.

All good things…

So that’s it for 2014 and also for this blog. I’ll leave it online but I won’t be posting to it anymore. The stated aim of this blog was to document my journey from Beta to PUA. From someone who is bad with women to someone who is good with them. Given that I’ve slept with 60 women over this blog’s 5 year lifespan, I think I have arrived at my desired destination.

Although improving my game will remain a big part of my life for probably another 5 years, I’ll be focusing on many other aspects of my life as well. Coming into the manosphere and being exposed to the bitter sweet red pill has not just changed the way I view women. It has changed my entire world view. As a result, over the coming years I am planning to make a complete change to the entire trajectory of my life. This is beyond the scope of this blog, but you are all welcome to follow my ongoing adventures at my new blog There I will be blogging about everything that I view as important to men in the modern western world, not just getting laid. This will include relationships, having kids, lifestyle, wealth generation, politics and more. Many men in the western world are still following the same rules that their fathers / grandfathers did back in the 1950s. Society has changed since then and playing by the same rules will be damaging to men. I will be rejecting the life choices made by my father and his father, and playing by my own set of rules. My new blog will document how I, as a western male, seek to become a winner in the new social landscape.